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Fuse Box Upgrades  and Faults within the box

Does your fuse box look like something from the 1960's !

Then it probably is, it's time to up date it as it's more than 50 years old!!! and very  unsafe by today's standards.

You Know the types that have rewireable fuses or even a cartridge fuse that you insert in it.

The service we offer is a complete replacement of your old one and a upgrade of the supply cables and also a check that the earthing is 17th edition compliant .

We also offer a fault finding service ,for example if your RCD or circuit breaker keeps tripping off there may an earth fault or a short on one of the circuits.

Don't just ignore it get it checked out ,your life or property may depend on it.

Fault Finding Service

Take a look at the picture to your right , Spot the damage yet !!

This was caused by a loose wire in the light switch and nearly resulted in a house fire!!

If your lights keep flickering or that fuse in the plug keeps blowing

Don't just ignore it get it checked out ,as you yourself may have a house fire , the signs to look for a smell of fish yes fish or a strange odour . 

We offer a extensive range of fault finding services, from a blown fuse to replacing a faulty wire within the house.

House Hold Appliance  Services

We offer a wide range of house hold repair services from a broken vacuum cleaner to a faulty dishwasher.

We cover most makes and model of house hold appliances 

just give us a call or text ,email. and we will get back to you a.s.a.p.

We offer whole lot more but much to show via a website ...

Just drop us a line ,text or email and we will say yes or no ,its that simple.......

Thank you for looking

We look forward to hearing from you soon..

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